You might have some questions about how to get great music and photos on your device. Some of those questions have probably been answered in the other pages on this blog, but here is a quick summary for those who don’t have the luxury or the time to go through each one of them – such as tips on how buy targeted traffic that converts and other questions. Have a look and hope you find what you’re looking for.


  1. How has technology improved communication?

Well, let’s start with how you used to write letters and send them through what is now known to be snail mail. And yes, it’s called snail mail for good reason (perhaps a reason you would no longer want to know about). Today, through technology, you can send messages with the click of a finger (or a toe, if you’re that kind of person). You can reach your loved ones practically wherever they may be in the world. That’s how technology has improved communication.


  1. What’s the first thing to look for when choosing a music device?

The first thing you can check is whether or not the device is attractive enough for you. While some people might sneer at this for being unimportant, you will realize soon enough that an attractive device does matter. For one thing, if your device is attractive, then it will help to sort of inspire you to maximize it and get the best out of it.


  1. What’s so special about Google Play Music?

If you’re into playing music on your device, then Google Play Music is really among your best choices for apps. One of the great things about Google Play is the fact that even if you get only a free subscription, you’re still entitled to 100,000 songs that you can save on the cloud. Wow. More than enough, right?


  1. How much would a Google Play Music subscription cost?

In USD, it costs only $10 (you do the math, honey). Without thinking too hard about it, you can actually say that it’s pretty cheap, considering all the benefits you can enjoy from it.


  1. When it comes to choosing photos on a device, what’s the first principle?

Of course, if you’re the kind who doesn’t want to be bothered by the prospect of having to choose from so many photos, save yourself the trouble by not taking too many photos to begin with.


  1. How about taking good photos using your phone, any advice?

To take good photos with a phone, remember this principle: your phone camera will always only be as good as its lens. So, keep in mind that this lens needs to be wiped clean regularly, as it tends to accumulate dust and dirt after some time.